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Volume 13, Number 1, 1999
Page(s) 59 - 70
DOI: 10.1051/ejess:1999103
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European Journal of Economic and Social Systems 13 N$^\circ$ 1 (1999) pp. 59-70

The morphogenesis of spatialized cooperation relations: an evolutionary game approach with genetic algorithm

Claude Dupuy1 and André Torre2

1LEREPS Université des Sciences sociales, Manufacture des Tabacs,
21 allées de Brienne, 31042 Toulouse Cedex; E-mail:
2INRA Paris, 147 rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris


This paper deals with the morphogenesis of spatialized co-operative relations and with the role of proximity in the evolution, persistence and co-existence of various local strategies. The first part is devoted to a presentation of the analysis of co-operative relations in the evolutionary game theory. In the sec-ond part of the paper are presented various simulations on the emergence and evo-lution of localized co-operative relations, based on endogenous mutations and genetic algorithms. They reveal that a co-operative behavior is a stable, even if complex strategy, and that its emergence and diffusion are favored by the spatial character of inter firms relations. In addition, the results confirm that various strat-egies can locally coexist and be maintained, generally temporarily.

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