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Volume 14, Number 4, 2000
Page(s) 365 - 379
DOI: 10.1051/ejess:2000103

European Journal of Economic and Social Systems 14 N$^\circ$ 4 (2000) pp. 365-379

The concept of "ba'': A new path in the study of knowledge in firms

Frederic Creplet

BETA-Louis Pasteur University, 61, avenue de la Forêt Noire, 67070 Strasbourg, Cedex 07, France


In this article we present a relatively novel concept: the "ba''. This concept was put forward by two authors, Nonaka and Konno (1998), who showed that the "ba'' - a form of interaction "place'' - was a foundation for the creation of knowledge in an organisation. We believe that this space plays a decisive role in the study and description of knowledge management in firms and that it can be used in many fields of research. Because it is a multi-organisational, multi-purpose, etc. concept, its contribution is significant. Our presentation of this concept will be based on the works of Nonaka and Konno (1998), but we will also examine the main themes arising from the theoretical movements dealing with knowledge in organisations. Moreover, we are also putting forward a framework of study related to this concept, and a definition of the main possible forms of "ba''.

Keywords: Creation of knowledge,learning process, routines, cognitive cards, organizational memory, knowledge management

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